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Mario LBizzy

They have been one of the most helpful and easy to work with auto dealers, that I had a pleasure to deal with, not only did they help with the registration process they provided shipping, I am so grateful for their help and support.

Trish Castillo

We drove from IN to purchase a car that they had for sale. We were happy with their collection of cars, all less than 4yr new. They actually had a car with only 69 Miles. We ended up purchasing 2 cars to drive back home and left a deposit on 2 more that will be shipped to us. Omar is honest on easy to deal with, he showed pictures of the cars before it was ready for resale and gave us the opportunity to have it checked out, which we did. The dealership is not huge but I’ve explored their website for sometime and notice that their turnover is high. We actually had to wait on 2 sales to be completed before he got to us. We’d recommend them to anyone and we will. Thanks a lot Omar! We wish you growth and success!

Fiona Morris

It's been 5 months now since I bought my Honda and I'm loving it! This dealer has a variety of newer cars at a really unbelievably great price. He is honest about his vehicles and was very patient with me. Thanks Omar for taking good care of me! You guys will definitely get my vote any day. Expect other customers coming your way.


I went here a week or 2 before buying my car to test drive it and look around. I was aware of the salvage title, so I decided to get a diagnosis on the car which they were very willing to let me do. After the diagnosis, the car turned up with only one issue and it's a simple fix so I decided to buy my 2016 Chrysler 200 my wife fell in love with it as well... I've had no issues because of the title as some people are on here saying it's a problem and they don't tell you. They did make me very aware. Leo and Omar were awesome and I'm looking forward to sending people your way!!!! Thank you guys and keep up the great honest work!

Dawn Hall

I purchased my car about a month ago. The dealer was very upfront that this was a salvaged vehicle. The dealer allowed for the car to be evaluated by a Honda dealer. Since I purchased this vehicle from Ohio, the dealer was kind to take the car to the Honda mechanic on my behalf at no extra cost. There was one small and insignificant problem found. The dealer picked up the car for me and then also made arrangements to have the car hauled up to Ohio to my home. I have had no problems with the car whatsoever. I highly recommend this dealer for their professionalism.


Wilhelmina Maine

Buying a car from Omar has been a fantastic experience. I found a car for my daughter via the USAA car buying service. I did my research and it was a stolen car that had been recovered. it was in great condition at an excellent price. Omar had the car inspected at a Honda dealer upon request, put new pads on it, gave it an oil chance and worked with me as an out of state buyer. He responded to all phone calls and emails in a timely manner and did everything he promised. It's been the best car buying experience I've ever had. Thanks Omar!!


Michaela Loli

Professional and not pushy like most dealerships. I was looking online for a car and fell in love with the Nissan Altima they had on the lot. My husband and I went to look and everything was great condition. We were shown the history of the vehicle and greatly appreciated that. A few hours later, I drove home in my new 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. Thank you, Supreme Automotive!

Blair Colson

The name says it! Incredible communication, integrity, service, and pricing. I had reservations initially; but Omar and Leo gave me accurate, honest answers -even when it was a conflict of their interest (to sell a car)! I would drive 7 hours to buy from them...again.